The first touring exhibition to feature international paper clay artists

Participating Artists


Barbro Aberg, Lorri Acott, Jerry Bennett, Vincent Burke, Antonella Cimatti, Susan Collett, Christina Cordova, Rosette Gault, Mette Maya Gregersen, Stephanie Hanes, Graham Hay, Rebecca Hutchinson, Rashi Jain, Francoise Joris, Scarlett Kanistanaux, Leah Kaplan, Anjani Khanna, Tomoko Konno , Malia Landis, Yehrim Lee , Mimi Logothetis, Joan Lurie, Cory Mahoney, Angela Mellor, Dan Molyneux, Valeria Nascimento, Liisa Nelson, Susan O’Byrne, Nuala O’Donovan, Paola Paronetto, Colby Parsons, Malene Pederson, Alia Pialtos, Henry Pim, Jennifer Reid, Susan Robey, Anima Roos, Amanda Salov, Erin Skelton, Hannah Thompsett, Robert Wagener, Matt Wedel, Susan Whitmore, Shiyuan Xu, Hsu Yunghsu.

Our Advisory Team


The advisory team was formed to support the exhibition early on in the project by sharing their expertise as artists, educators and for their knowledge of paper clay and artists who are using paperclay today. I also chose each member of the team because they were early innovators in the use of paper clay as a primary media in their work. 

Early members of the team were Jerry Bennett, Graham Hay and Rebecca Hutchinson. We organized a series of master workshops  early on in the project to raise awareness of the exhibition. Each artist donated a portion of their workshop stipends to the exhibition and I was able to hire a curator, Peter Held. When Anjani Khanna and Angela Mellor joined us they brought new energy and an international perspective to the team. 

They were particularly helpful to our curator, who, at the time, had limited knowledge of artists, on an international scale, who incorporated paperclay as a primary media in their work.

Angela Mellor


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Rebecca Hutchinson


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Jerry Bennett


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Graham Hay


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Anjani Khanna


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